Took the December LSAT…Now What??!!

Well….Now I wait like everyone else for the scores to be released on January 4th. How do I feel? My feelings are mixed. I feel as if I did ok….but on the other hand, one of the sections through me off because I had RC back to back. That is one possibility that I did not practice with when studying. In any case, my applications are in early and being held pending my score. I am hoping that this will be a leg-up on the competition! I read many experts that said it’s ok in the cycle to submit in January, but I wanted to be safe. The weight off of my shoulders is HUGE. My next step is to visit some of the schools applied to in the Northeast. I am hoping that the school visits are not only productive, but also help seal the deal. Good luck to everyone applying for the 12/13 cycle. If you have not done so already, here are a few things that I have picked up on and from reading other blogs that are key factors when applying:

1. Ensure that you read the schools directions for all documents requested.

Some schools wanted 2 page Personal Statements, others 3, and some 2-4. You do not want to write this compelling PS only to find out that your 3 page masterpiece is way too long. Condensing is harder than you think, especially when you are trying to convince Pick Me! Pick Me!….

2. Check, double-check, and check again for errors…..

Oh the horror to submit 5 complete applications only to discover that you misspelled a word or two OR you left a word out of a sentence making it sound awkward…AAHHH…..TAKE YOUR TIME! Ask your roommate, mother, father, husband, wife, etc. to read over beforehand. Reading your own work can cause you to miss small mistakes.

3. Pay attention to deadlines.

Many schools have March deadlines, while others have rolling admissions. Please pay attention to when your applications are due. From reading other sites, it seems the consensus is to get your apps submitted in January as soon as December LSAT scores are released at the LATEST! The reasoning behind this is that if you wait later in the cycle, many seats will already be filled hindering your chances (especially true if you are applying to top schools). These schools admit on a first come basis according to deadlines to fill their Fall seats. Taking the February LSAT is suicide because most deadlines are the beginning of March. Chancing that your scores will get back in time for your file to go complete, in review, and sent to committee for admittance is……well, I wouldn’t do it. It takes weeks for the process from start to finish. But to each his own. You decide….

4. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on applying to schools that you have no business applying to!

Ok, so here’s the thing….I have a friend, God bless her, who has a good GPA (3.6), but scored a high of 150 on the LSAT after taking it twice! Doll, you are not getting into Harvard, Yale, Duke, etc…..Let’s be real people! If your family has not told you, I will! Lets set our sights realistically. I know that daddy and mommy said that we could do anything that we put our minds to, and that’s true!…BUT it’s just not going to happen at Stanford or Columbia. BUT, the good thing is that there is a Law School for just about anyone nowadays, so I am not going to burst your dream! Just go to the website below and take a look at where other applicants with your stats applied last cycle and were accepted if you need reference.

Good luck, and happy applying!


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December 2, 2012 · 12:30 pm

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